Mceal Wax Seal Stamp, Silver Brass Head with Wooden Handle, Regal Letter C



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(as of Feb 24,2020 15:07:30 UTC – Details)


Removable Silver Brass Head Seal
Seal Diameter:1.2inches/30mm
Rosewood Handle


1)Drop appropriate amount of wax on the surface/item ready to seal.
2)Gently stir the wax with the non-wicked side of your wax stick to remove the air bubbles and make the size of your seal. We suggest you make the wax puddle equal to the stamp size or larger ensure you make a full size of the seal. You can also use melting equipment and tool such as wax seal spoon, glue gun, melting pot, etc. to melt the wax.
3)Moisten your seal with a little oil to prevent the melted wax stick on the stamp before use and prepare a wet towel to cool down the seal especially for the case you are making much seal at once.
4)Gently place the stamp on the melted wax
5)Please wait until the wax has completely cooled down otherwise the wax may stick on your stamp.
6)lift the stamp up, and It’s done.


Please note that the color of the wooden handle will be slightly different as the raw materials are from natural rosewood.

Seal Head Size: Round 1 1/5″(30mm)
Material: Silver Plated Brass Seal Head + Wooden Handle
Package: Wax Seal Stamp x 1 Only
The seal can be applied to many different kinds of invitation or gift package such as the envelope, the wine package, perfume package, parcels, etc. to make a great look and sense to your gift.


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